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I have been an avid Disney fan since childhood when, at the tender age of 5, my parents took me to Walt Disney World. I rocked a pair of pearlized pink sunglasses as my family toured Magic Kingdom and EPCOT Center. I chose a doll dressed in a pink belly dancing costume from the Morocco pavilion in World Showcase as my souvenir. She was FLAWLESS! Every trip since has been just as much of a glittering gay fantasy. I'm a graphic and layout designer as a means to pay the mouse his dues. Outside of all things Disney, I love movies and eating and dreaming about, one day, owning a French bulldog named Donut.


I grew up watching Disney movies. I think I wore out two VHS tapes of 'Sleeping Beauty.' I was around 6, when I experienced my first Disney park. It would be almost 25 years until I returned to a Disney park...WALT DISNEY WORLD...my home. I was hooked. Since 2014 I've taken at least one trip to WDW every year. The magic, the opulence, the indulgence, and of course the Pixie Dust are what keep me heading back to the House of Mouse. As a gay man, I'm drawn to the search for your tribe, your place in the world that is a part of almost every Disney story. In the real world, I'm an administrative assistant. I'm also a stage actor...I've played Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and the Cheshire Cat. My passions include, theater, movies, Thai food, whiskey, running and reaching my goal of one day becoming a Disney Vacation Club member.