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Episode 093

In this episode, Adam and Patrick welcome new Tweedles to the podcast, as well as two new Patreon members. The guys share how you can support those affected by the coronavirus pandemic via the Coronavirus Relief Fund established by Crooked Media and how you can access anti-racism resources and links to donate to various organizations like Black Lives Matter, Eight Can't Wait, the Minnesota Freedom Fund and more via the Community Recovery & Resources tab on Adam and Patrick announce the winner of their second of four weeks of Pride month giveaways, share how you can enter to win their week 3 giveaway: a new 'The Library is Open' t-shirt and talk about how all sales of their t-shirts in June will benefit the Trans Justice Funding Project. The guys cover the latest Disney news and, for their feature segment, chat with Chris from Wishful Thinking. Chris, an authorized travel agent specializing in Disney destinations, gives the guys an update on what guests should expect when Walt Disney World reopens, shares his 10 tips for planning a Disney World friends' trip (with no wake-up calls) and answers listeners' questions regarding travel to the domestic and international parks. As always, Adam and Patrick close out the episode with some Quick D.

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Remember Cinderella Castle? It's still there . . . waiting for us to return.


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