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Episode 146

In this episode, Adam and Patrick share their spoiler-free review of Disney and Pixar’s Luca. As always, the guys cover the latest Disney news and close the show with some Quick D.



Pasta! Gelato! Vespas!

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Thomas Jackson
Thomas Jackson
24 juin 2021

My daughter and I watched this again after this recent episode. I asked her what she thought the lesson was waiting for her to say “be yourself”. She said it taught her how to be a friend and what friends to have. I asked her if she wanted to be like Giulia, and she said no. She said she wanted to be like her dad Massimo. She said she wanted to be the kind of friend to stand in between her friend and the spears. She said she would do that for her uncle and her cousin , who are both gay, but any of her friends or family. I was balling. I think she shows that although…

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